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We get the job done.
18+ years of experience in building and interior renovation.
We have great partnership with licensed electricians and licensed plumbers, Knowledgeable carpenters and other subcontractors in Ottawa to make sure everything will be done the way it should be done.



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Home Renovation

If you are looking for a contractor who has a great teams and licensed sub contractors to take care of your Home renovation project, the way it should be done. And get the job done for you, just give us a call.

Just few step away from your Dream Home.

1. Give us a call or send us an Email, to schedule a free consultation visit, in person.

2. Describe what you want to be done, We will make note and check all the details with you.

3. We provide you with an estimate exactly the way you want.

4. Okay It's done. We will schedule the job and you don't need to be worry about anything else.

(613) 255 - 3452


Basement Finishing

Always wanted it to be done? But it seems like a big project with lots of headaches? We make it simple for you.

You are just a call away from your basement to be finished.

What will happen after you call us?

Just 3 simple steps

1. Home visit : We will come to talk with you about your dream basement. and give you some options and free consultation.

2. Estimate : You will receive a break down very detailed estimate of all the jobs that we will do. But don't be scared you will not be involved with any of them. we will do the job.

3. Get the job done : We will get the job done. and we will check every thing you want us to check with you before doing that.

That was easy eh?

So don't waste time.

Pick up the phone and call

(613) 255 - 3452 


Bathroom Renovation

Either you just want a new look or Your bathroom has some problems.

We are here to help

We provide you with a free consultation on what is your options with your budget to get the best out of it.

You are just three step away from the bathroom you desire. It shouldn't be difficult for you. And with us it's not. 

1. Home visit : We will come to see what exactly you want and how We can make it real for you.

2. Estimate : We will provide you with a detailed estimate that you can change it how ever you want to fit it with your taste and budget ( We will help you on that ).

3. Get the job done : We will take care of the rest very quickly. You will have it very soon.

So just pick up the phone and call

(613) 255 - 3452



You just want a fresh look in your home or your rooms?

Quick and easy?

Changing your floor is the best Option for you.

It's Easy, Fast and Affordable.

And make a huge difference.

So just pick up the phone to have a free consultation with us

(613)255 - 3452



Do you have a project in mind? Get in touch today and let our experts help get the job done right.

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10+ years of experience in Construction and Renovation, But still artistic. He plays Piano, and does painting for fun. And he's definitely a sport man

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Our mission is to make your life better

10+ Years of experience in home building and renovation.

We get the job done for you, Hassle free

We want you to feel relax while we are working on your project. From design to the end we are here to provide you with the best jobs and the best experience.

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